Wordscapes Level 85 Answers

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Wordscapes Level 85 Answers: Hello friends. If you are still not able to complete the wordscaped level 85 in the Canyon group and Ravine pack, and are looking for its solution, then you are at the right place.

Here, in this article, we will give you the solution and bonus words for level 85. We want you to keep playing this brainstorming game with ease and comfort.

So, without any further delay, let us tackle with this wordscapes level through the solutions provided below:

7 Words in Ravine Level 85

In level 85, the task is to make seven meaningful words from the six letter word ISLAVA. I am very sure that you would be able to make some words on your own. But the complete list of those seven meaningful words is given below:

LAVAHot molten or semi fluid rocks coming from a volcano.
VISAAn endorsement on a pssport meaning a person is allowed to enter a country
ALASUsed to express grief or pity
VIALA small container
VIALSPlural of vial
SALIVAA juice produced by salivaty glands

Additional Words for Ravine Level 85

Some additional words for Ravine Level 85 are:

  1. SAIL
  2. ALIAS
  3. SLAV
  4. AVAIL
  5. AIL
  6. VAIL
  7. SLAW

These words will help you complete your level 85 of Wordscapes successfully. We wish you best of luck for your next level that is level 86 of wordscapes.

We have also provided wordscapes level 86 answers on this website. Feel free to visit us in case you need to unlock that level.

Keep playing & keep visiting.

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