What is Google Bard AI? How to use it? Features, use cases, and limitations

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It has been just two months after the launch of the much celebrated Chat GPT by Open AI, that Google has also launched its own Chat bot called Google Bard. With the launch of Chat GPT, Google had issued a code red, and many people called the chat bot as the Google Killer.

Google has been the most used search engine since decades now, but it recently witnessed the arrival of its most tough competitor known as Chat GPT. This Chat bot became a huge blockbuster and garnered a user base of 1 million in just 5 days. What raised the interest was Microsoft’s decision to integrate the chatbot with their own search engine Bing. All this sort of unnerved Google, and it retorted by launching Google Bard, which is now considered as a potent rival of Chat GPT.

In the forthcoming section, we will inform you about “what Google Bard is, how to use it, what are its features and use cases, and how it is different from Chat GPT”.

What Is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI powered chat bot, that can answer the queries and prompts of users in a conversational way. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide automated support and human like interaction for businesses.

It will be used by Google to enhance its search experience by integrating it with its search tools, just like Bing has done with the Chat GPT. This integration will help the bot in generating fresh and highly relevant outputs. In the words of Sundar Pichai, it will generate “fresh, high-quality solutions”.

Google Bard was under development for many years, but was showcased to the world on 6 February 2023. Since then, it has been in news, both for some good as well as bad reasons, that we will discuss in the forthcoming sections.

Google Bard use LAMDA ( Language Model for Dialogue Applications), and is based upon Transformer neural network architecture of Google. It is pertinent to mention here that GPT 3 by OpenAI also employs the same architecture.

Difference Between Google Bard And Chat GPT

Both Google Bard and Chat GPT are AI driven chat bots. While Google Bard stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, and Chat GPT stands for Chat based Generative Pretrained Transformer. But, are they just this much different? The answer is no.

If you are wondering about what are the differences between the recently released AI driven chat bots released by two tech giants, then check the table below;

Chat GPTGoogle Bard
Chat GPT does not use online resources. It works on the basis of the data that was fed to it during its training period.Google Bard will use online resources. So it will have access to recent data and can give suitable answers to the modern queries also.
Chat GPT has been integrated by Microsoft in its search engine Binge. It does not have a vast pool of resources at its disposal.Bard will be integrated with Google search tools, and it will hence have a vast pool of resources at its disposal.
Chat GPT is at a lesser pedestal than Google Bard, in terms of data that it can be fed with.Google Bard will have an edge over Chat GPT owing to the massive sources of data available with the company.
It needs to be trained.It is a self learning Ai chat bot.

So, clearly in most of the aspects, Chat GPT and Google Bard are almost similar except for the fact that unlike Chat GPT, Google Bard will get its data via the internet.

How To Use Google Bard?

Google Bard was launched on 06-February, 2023, and was made available to a selected group of beta testers. It is expected that it will made available to the general public in a matter of few weeks.

So, if you are not the one among the coveted beta testers, you will have to wait for some time until it is made available to you. As of now, Google is not accepting any applications for becoming an early tester for its products.

Features Of Google Bard.

Google Bard has many important features, that can help it to be the number one chat bot on internet. They are:

  1. It is a conversational chat service bot, that seeks to combine information with power, intelligence and creativity.
  2. It uses a lightweight model version of LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).
  3. It will use data from the internet apart from LaMDA to deliver “fresh, high-quality solutions”.
  4. Bard has the ability to break up complex ideas into conversational simpler morsels.

Uses Of Google Bard

Google Bard is considered as a revolutionary conversational AI service, even though it is still in its infancy stage and fraught with many shortcomings. It has the ability to enhance user experience in fill knowledge gaps in the following ways;

  1. It can be used to generate fresh, high quality and very creative responses. It does so by using the information available on the web.
  2. Bard can be used for simplifying tough concepts. For example, it can be used to elucidate the discoveries made by James Web telescope to a 9 year old kid.
  3. It can be a personal assistant for almost every situation, and provide highly relevant solutions. It will be integrated with Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Google Drive etc.
  4. Bard can be used for collaboration, as it has the potential to allow communication and progress tracking for different teams to work together on projects.
  5. Bard can be used for task automation.

Google has been into AI for a pretty long time, and it has been always trying to use AI for enhancing its products. With Google Bard, it is expected that Google will enhance the user experience and help them engage better with the information.

Limitations Of Google Bard

Google bard had a very embarrassing debut as It made a factual error in its maiden demo. Google shared a GIF showing Bard answering a question: “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9 year old about?” Bard gave a three point answer and one of them was that it “took the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system.”

This answer was found to be wrong by the Netizens and Bard found itself in news for bad reasons.

Giving wrong answers in its infancy stage is not the only shortcoming of Google Bard. Another limitation is that it is expected to be a web-based application with little mobile support. In addition, it might be difficult to manage resources effectively for Google Bard.


Google Bard is going to be a very powerful tool, that will enhance the user experience. It might be powerful than Chat GPT in some areas but in other it lags behind Chat GPT. While Bard is more suitable for specific tasks like text summarization, Chat GPT is a bot with wider range of applications. The choice between the two depends entirely upon the need of a user.

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