Top 10 Indian Vloggers On YouTube 2022

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YouTube is the most popular content sharing platform on internet. It has videos related to everything, ranging from travel videos to food videos, from entertainment to personal finance, from gaming to life style, and what not. YouTube has changed the life of many, as embarking on its journey is a zero investment venture.

Indian are killing it on the YouTube, and Indian Youtubers are the most famous ones there on the internet. Check any category, and you will find Indians doing wonders there. There are entertainers, influencers, singers, foodies making YouTube, a platform worth spending time on.

The number of people choosing YouTube is increasing because it is easy to start, gives good returns, enhances the face value and opens doorways to many opportunities. Indian YouTube community is also expanding very rapidly, and many people are even leaving their jobs to be permanent on YouTube.

Indian content creators post content in almost all categories like food vlogs, finance, beauty and fashion, advisory, magic, gaming, roasting, music, motivation, reviews and vlogging. But, of all the video categories, the most loved ones in India are the vlogging videos. It is because, it gives the viewers a sneak peek into the life of vloggers.

In the forthcoming section, we will provide you a list of the top Indian vloggers on YouTube. Let’s go.

Best Vloggers In India In 2022

In India, the top YouTube vloggers are;

  1. Sourav Joshi Vlogs
  2. Flying Beast
  3. Gaurav Chaudhary
  4. Mumbaiker Nikhil
  5. Gaurav Zone
  6. Garima’s Good Life
  7. Saba Ibrahim
  8. That Glam Couple
  9. Dhruv Rathee Vlogs
  10. Shanice Shrestha Vlogs

Learn more about them below;

1. Sourav Joshi Vlogs


Sourav Joshi is a very famous vlogger, who skyrocketed to fame in a very short span of time. He started his vlogging channel on 19th of February 2019, and it has currently 19.2 million subscribers and 1.2k videos.

On his vlogging channel, Sourav Joshi shares his day to day life activities, both with the family, as well as outside the family. The main parts of his vlogs are his cousin brother named Piyush Joshi and his dog named Oreo.

Apart from having a vlogging YouTube channel, he also has an art channel, where he posts his sketching videos. This channel is named as Sourav Joshi Arts. This channel was started in September, 2015, and it has more than 4.2 million subscribers.

NameSourav Joshi
YouTube ChannelsSourav Joshi vlogs, Sourav Joshi Arts
SubscribersSourav Joshi vlogs(19.2mn), Sourav Joshi Arts (4.2mn)
Channels startedSourav Joshi vlogs (Feb 2019), Sourav Joshi Arts (Sep 2015)

2. Flying Beast


Flying Beast is a YouTube channel run by Gaurav Taneja, who is a pilot and a fitness freak. On his YouTube channel, Gaurav shares his daily life activities, especially with his wife, (Ritu Rathee), daughters (Kiara and Pihu) and other family members. The couple is among the top Indian vloggers on YouTube.

Flying Beast has collaborated with a lot of other famous YouTubers of India, which include Mumbaiker Nikhil and Slay Point. In addition, he has also worked with many Bollywood celebrities like Ajay Devgn and Tiger Shroff.

Apart from Flying Beast, Gaurav also has other two channels named FitMuscle TV and Rasbhari Ke Papa.

Flying Beast channel was started in December 2017, and has currently 7.7 million subscribers and a cumulative viewership of over 3.3 bn.

NameGaurav Taneja
YouTube Channels Flying Beast, FitMuscle TV and Rasbhari Ke Papa.
Subscribers Flying Beast (7.7mn), FitMuscle TV(2.1mn) and Rasbhari Ke Papa(1.2mn).

3. Gaurav Chaudhry


Gaurav Chaudhry is most famously known for his YouTube channel “Technical Guruji” and his famous opening line, “to chalye shuru karte hain“.

After gaining popularity on his tech channel, he started his vlog channel, named “Gaurav Chaudhry” in May, 2017. Till now he has posted 200 videos on this channel and it has garnered more than 5.1 million subscribers.

Gaurav Chaudhry has partnered with many YouTubers of fame like Carry Minati, Mostly Sane, Ranveer Allahabadia and Dhruv Rathee. Apart from this, he has also collaborated with many Bollywood figures like Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Hommie Dilliwala.

Name Gaurav Chaudhry
YouTube ChannelsGaurav Chaudhry, Technical Guruji
SubscribersGaurav Chaudhry (5.1mn), Technical Guruji (22.8mn)
Channels StartedGaurav Chaudhry (May 2017), Technical Guruji (Oct 2015)

4. Mumbaiker Nikhil


Mumbaiker Nikhil is a YouTube channel run by Nikhil Sharma, who is a famous moto-vlogger from Mumbai. He keeps on posting videos related to his travels and day to day life. He is one among the earliest YouTubers of India.

Mumbaiker Nikhil channel was started in July, 2013, and till now it has reached a subscriber base of 3.9 million. This channel houses around 2K videos and has crossed a viewership of more than 1.4bn.

This channel has worked with the famous YouTubers of India like Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, Gaurav Chaudhry etc. It lives up to the claim of its owner, “I love to vlog my life“.

NameNikhil Sharma
YouTube ChannelsMumbaiker Nikhil
Channel startedJuly 2013

5. Gaurav Zone

Gaurav Zone YouTube channel is run by Gaurav Sharma, a Delhi based vlogger, who loves to showcase the beauty of Delhi to the outside world. Apart from it, he posts the videos showing his family and day to day life activities on his channel.

Gaurav Zone YouTube channel was started in August, 2013 and, till now it has garnered 4.7 million subscribers. It houses more than 1K videos, and has crosses a viewership of 1bn. This is one of the best YouTube vlogging channels in India.

On this channel, you can see travel videos, competition videos, car videos, automobile modification videos.

NameGaurav Sharma
YouTube ChannelsGaurav Zone
Channel startedAugust 2013

6. Garima’s Good Life

Next in the list of the top Indian vloggers on YouTube is Garima Goel, who runs a vlogging channel by the name of Garima”s Good Life. Garima is an actor by profession, and a gold medalist in mass communication, besides being a content creator on YouTube.

Garima Goel started her YouTube Channel in May, 2018. She has posted around 680 videos on her channel and has a subscriber base of 3.4 million.

Garima’s Good Life channel gives you a sneak peek into Garima’s life, her family and her day to day activities. In addition, she keeps on doing various challenges, and also gives us insights into various the behind the scenes of various tv shows.

NameGarima Goel
YouTube ChannelsGarima’s Good Life
Channel startedMay 2018

7. Saba Ibrahim

Saba is a famous beauty and lifestyle vlogger, who embarked on her YouTube journey in January 2017. Saba is a sister of famous TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim.

This channel has videos about Saba’s family life, her travels and her parties. The total number of videos on this channel is 400, and it has a subscriber base of 2.9 million.

NameSaba Ibrahim
YouTube ChannelsSaba Ibrahim
Channel startedJan 2017

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8. That Glam Couple

That Glam Couple YouTube channel is run by a husband wife couple named as Himanshi and Rishi Athwani. The couple posts videos started with videos related to beauty and skincare, and are now posting videos about their travels and day to day life activities also.

This channel was started in July 2016. It has 900 videos and 4.8 million subscribers.

NameHimanshi and Rishi Athwani
YouTube ChannelsThat Glam Couple
Channel startedJuly 2016

9. Dhruv Rathee Vlogs


Dhruv Rathee started his youtube journey with an education channel name Dhruv Rathee. After gaining popularity through this channel, he also started his vlogging channel named Dhruv Rathee Vlogs.

Dhruv Rathee Vlogs channel was started in July 2020 and it has 178 videos and around 1.7 million subscribers. On this channel, Dhruv shares his international travelling experiences along with his girl friend Juli Lbr.

NameDhruv Rathee
YouTube ChannelsDhruv Rathee, Dhruv Rathee Vlogs
SubscribersDhruv Rathee (9.8 mn), Dhruv Rathee Vlogs (1.69mn)
Channel startedDhruv Rathee (Jan 2013), Dhruv Rathee Vlogs (July 2020)

10. Shanice Shrestha Vlogs


This channel is run by Shanice Shrestha. She is wife of Mumbaiker Nikhil, who is also one of the top Indian vloggers on YouTube.

This channel has videos giving us sneak peek into Shanice’s daily life, her eating habits and her banters with her husband.

Shanice-Shrestha-vlogs channel was started in February 2016. It has 587 videos and a subscriber base of 808K.

NameShanice Shrestha
YouTube ChannelsShanice Shrestha Vlogs
Channel startedFeb 2016

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These were some top Indian vloggers on YouTube in India in 2023. We are sure that you would have loved reading this article. If you did, kindly share it with your friends.


Who is the most famous vlogger in India on YouTube?

As of now, the most famous Indian vlogger is Sourav Joshi. He has a total subscriber base of 19.2 million on his vlog channel. He also has another channel named as Sourav Joshi arts, which has 4.2 millions subscribers.

Who is the wife of Mumbaiker Nikhil?

The wife of Mumbaiker Nikhil is Shanice-Shrestha. She is also a vlogger on YouTube and runs a channel named Shanice-Shrestha-vlogs. She has more than 800K subscribers.

Who are the owners of YouTube vlogging channel ‘that glam couple”?

That glam couple YouTube channel is run by Himanshi and Rishi Athwani, who are a married couple. Their total subscribers are 4.8 million.

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