Ray Higdon Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife

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This article is about Ray Higdon, an American business man, his age, his height, his wife and his total wealth. We are sure that you will love reading this article.

Who is Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is a famous network marketing trainer, best-selling-author, powerful speaker and a philanthropist. He, along with his wife travels the entire world teaching people how to generate more leads and how to be the top earners in their respective marketing companies.

Ray Higdon earlier worked for a corporate job, which he left in 2004, as he believed that it robbed him of his freedom and he could hardly spend any time with his family. In the same year, he jumped into real-estate, that was destined to fall in coming few years.

In 2008, global meltdown occurred and Ray Higdon lost everything. His net worth became zero, and he had to rely on his girl friend to pay his bills.

Soon, he found a new business arena, which was network marketing. He dived into it, with experience of previous years in his head. but here too, he failed in his first 11 network marketing companies. His success was just to kiss his feet, and he landed in the 12th company named “Numis”, where he made thousands of dollars per month.

After this venture, Ray Higdon never looked back and he soon became a millionaire. In 2016, he sold his position from the company, to share his experience in the network marketing to the whole world. Today Ray Higdon’s net worth is around $4.9 million.

He turned his coaching passion into a coaching company named Higdon Group, which was recognized this year on the Inc 5000 as one of fastest growing companies of America.

The net worth of Ray Higdon is $4.9 million. The main contributor to his total wealth is his network marketing coaching business, that he executes through his company Higdon Group. Apart from this, the revenue generated by him through selling his books, also adds to his net worth.

Ray Higdon Biography Highlights

Some of the highlights of Ray Higdon’s biography are:

NameRay Higdon
Age45 Years
CountryUnited States
OccupationBusiness coach, speaker, author
BooksTime money freedom, Freakishly effective leadership, Go for no for Network Marketing, Freakishly effective social media for network marketing.
Instagram idrayhigdon

Ray Higdon Height, Weight and Physical Stats

The height, weight and Physical stats of Ray Higdon are tabulated below:

Height5 ft 9 inch.
Weight81 kg

Ray Higdon Net Worth

The net worth of Ray Higdon, along with his companies is tabulated below;

CompanyHigdon Group
Net worth$ 4.9 million
Website www.rayhigdon.com

Life Lesson’s From Ray Higdon’s Story

Some of the great lessons that one can learn from Ray Higdon’s success story are written below:

  1. learn to change yourself to adapt with the changing circumstances.
  2. nothing changes in your life, if you don’t take any action.
  3. never give up.
  4. invest in your education.
  5. embrace the fear of rejection. put off rejections just like water comes off a duck’s back.

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What is the net worth of Ray Higdon?

The net worth of Ray Higdon is about $4.9 million. The main contributors to this whopping wealth of Ray Higdon are his network marketing coaching business and revenues generated from his books.

What MLM is Ray Higdon in?

Ray Higdon started his successful network marketing career with Numis marketing network company. He soon left it to become a full fledged network marketing business coach. He is currently coaching the network marketers through out the world.

Who is Ray Higdon?

Ray Higdon is a very popular network marketing coach, a very powerful speaker, the best selling author and a millionaire philanthropist.

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