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If you are a movie buff or a music lover, then you must be keeping your eyes on what is being released by bollywood from time to time. There are a lot of movies being released both in cinemas and OTT platforms every month. But, only few movies have the potential to be on every body’s watch list. There is one such movie recently released on Netflix, and that is titled “Qala”.

Qala movie and its songs have wowed everybody, and all of us want to watch this movie. The songs have become so hit that they have already garnered millions of views. Ever since its release on OTT platforms, people have been mesmerised by the story, plot, acting and songs of the movie. Its songs have been a new trend on social media.

Highlights Of Qala Movie

The highlights of Qala movie are tabulated below:

Name of the movieQala
Release date01, December, 2022
DirectorAnvita Dutt
WriterAnvita Dutt
ActorsTripti Dimrii, Babil Khan, Swastika Mukherjee, Varun Grover
Length02 Hours

Qala Movie Story

It is a mother daughter story. It revolves around a young girl, who is very passionate about singing. She is on one side facing doubts whether she can be a good singer or not. And on the other hand, she has to face her domineering mother, who disdains her, and wants her to quit singing.

The film portrays the era of 1930, when male singers were revered but female singers were disdained.

The story starts in Kolkata. Where Qala aspired to be a singer, but was doubtful whether she can be a good singer or not. When she starts singing, she became successful and gets awarded with Golden Vinyl. At the same time she gets to know that she has a twin brother.

Qala was enjoying her singing, but soon she faced the ugly side of her brother and mother. Her brother haunted her everywhere saying that everything, even her fame belonged to him. When Qala told all this to her mother, she also gets angry. She does not approve her singing and locks Qala in her room.

Soon Jagan an orphan singer makes an entry to the scene. Qala’s mother watches him singing and she loves his performance. She brings Jagan to her home and asks Qala to marry him. Qala declines the proposal thus making her mother angry.

After this Jagan commits suicide, which leads to an altercation between Qala and her mother. Qala’s mother asks her to leave her home for ever.

After leaving, she has to sing a song in studio. She fails to sing in her 11 takes. When reprimanded, she requests the producer to give her a last chance. She recalls how she added mercury to Jagan’s milk and completes the song in her 12th take.

Fed up by the flashbacks of how she killed Jagan, she tries to commit suicide by overdosing herself with sleeping pills. Ultimately she commits suicide, and then the movie shows how her mother remembers Qala by listening to her songs every now and then.

With this the movie ends.

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Cast In Qala Movie

This movie has an amazing and talented cast of stars. They have played their characters so beautifully that one can not stop himself from praising all the cast. This cast has helped it get huge feedback from the audience and the critics alike.

The cast of this movie consist of:

  1. Tripti Dimri
  2. Babil Khan
  3. Swastika Mukherjee
  4. Amit Sial
  5. Varun Grover
  6. Sameer Kochhar
  7. Girijia Oak
  8. Tasveer Kamil
  9. Abhishekh Banerjee
  10. Anushka Sharma

The entire cast deserves praises for doing justice to their roles and making this movie a blockbuster.

Where Can I Watch and Download Qala Movie?

This movie was released on 1 December 2022. Soon after its release it became an instant hit. It received accolades from the nook and corner of the country. The critics are all praises for this movie, and the social media reels have taken the fame of this movie to totally new heights.

If you too want to watch this movie, then there are many ways to do so. You can watch it illegally on various platforms and websites, but that is a crime. Some of the platforms that illegally allow their users to watch these movies are filmyzilla, vegamovies, filmyhour etc. But all these sites post pirated content and watching and downloading movies from such sites is completely illegal. So we advise you to refrain from such sites.

The legal way to watch Qala movie is to watch it on the OTT platform where it was released. It was released on netflix, and hence you should take a Netflix subscription to watch the movie.

Don’t Watch Qala Movie On Pirating Websites Like Vegamovies or Filmymeet

It is very illegal to watch any kind of movie or web series on the pirating websites. These websites steal the content and post it on their portals. It results in heavy losses to the content creators and producers. Piracy is a crime under the laws, so watch it only where you are allowed to do so.

These websites release hindi and other language content on their platforms as soon as the content is released. What is more awful is that these websites have traffic in millions and it has become a headache for the movie producers.

Don’t download Qala movie from Vegamovie. Neither watch it on Filmymeet and nor on Filmy4wap like websites.

So we urge you to watch and download Qala movie only on the legal OTT platforms.

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