[2023] Papad Making Business Idea In India, Complete Details

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Papad is a very famous snack in India and few of its beighbouring countries. It is eaten in every household of India. It is a thin Indian wafer that completes every Indian plate. Without papad, an Indian plate is considered totally incomplete. Papad is very good for health as it provides good amount of energy to our body.

Papad is of different varieties and different flavours. The flavors are drawn from natural sources to meet the individual tastes. There is no single way to make papad, and neither is there a standard way to consume it.

Papad is consumed in different ways. Some people love to eat it dry or fried along with their food, while some love to turn it into Papad salad. Others use it in the crushed form to enhance their plate.

Given the fact that papad are consumed in the length and breadth of India, papad making can be a very profitable business for you. If you know how to make the good quality papad, or have the appetite to learn the papad naking, then papad making business is very suitable for you. But remember that to succeed in this business, you will have to manage the Quality and Cost of the papad.

In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to start a papad making business.

Types of Papad

Generally, papad are divided into the North Indian Papad and the South Indian Papad.

The papad made in Northern India are of larger size than the south Indian papad, where they are called papadam. In addition, the North Indian papad are deep fried where as the south Indian ones are lightly fried.

However, papad can also be divided into various categories, based upon their ingredients. They are listed below:

  • Rice Papad
  • Moong Papad
  • Poha Papad
  • Aloo Papad
  • Masala Papad
  • Methi Papad
  • Urad Papad
  • Palak Papad
  • Garlic Papad
  • Shrimp Papad
  • Sabudana Papad

Demand For Papad Making Business

Now you might ask, why we should start this business. Here are the reason why you should start Papad Making Business in 2023;

  1. Papad are consumed in most of the states of India, and hence their demanad is never going to decrease.
  2. States like Jammu Kashmir and Assam are untapped. Therefore you can also focus on these states.
  3. Papad is an all weather dish, so there is an year long demand for papad.
  4. today, in this busy world, most of the people do not have enough time or expertise to make papad at their homes, but want to add it to their plate. Due to this reason, they rely on the ready made papad.
  5. Demand for papad increases during festivals, and India being a land of festivals, becomes a heavy consumer for papad.

Proper Location For Papad Making Business

To start papad Business, you dont need any specific location. Since papad are consumed in villages and towns alike, so this business can be started any where.

To set up the business of making Papad, you will just require a hall of area 50 square metres.

If you dont have your own space, you can take some space on rent.

Ingredients needed for papad making business

In order to make papad, you will require the following essential ingredients:

  1. Flour
  2. Black gram
  3. Black pepper
  4. Common Salt
  5. Vegetable oil
  6. Food – grade alkali
  7. Rice
  8. Sabudana

In addition, you will require the following flavoring agents for your papad making business:

  1. Red chilli powder.
  2. cumin or sesame seeds.
  3. Asafoetida

You need to know that all these things are available in the market at very affordable cost for you to kickstart your papad business.

Machinery Required For Papad Business

To run your papad making business, you have two options. Either run it manually or use machines.

Manually your growth will be limited, but with machines you will be able to grow and sail through the competition very easily. It is because, papad making machines will allow you to maintain quality, produce papad in large quantities and cut costs.

You will require the following papad making machines for your small business:

  1. Mixer and Grinder.
  2. Papad press machine.
  3. Papad drying machine.
  4. packing machine etc.

In case, you dont have enough money to buy the above said machines, you can start it manually. And once you have the enough money, you can buy machines and semi-automate your business.

Papad making process | How are papad made?

Learning how to make papad is very important. If you dont learn the papad making process nicely, you wont be able to survive in the market for a long time.

Generally, the recipes to prepare papad varies from region to region, and from one to other type of papad, but the broader procedure to make papad is given below:

  1. Firstly, mix all the above mentioned main ingredients, and make its powder.

  2. Now add water to the powder, and make a paste of it.

  3. Now add some flavoring agents, depending upon the taste of your customers.

  4. Now make small chapatis from the paste.

  5. Now put the chappatis in the sunlight, untill they become crispy and crunchy.

  6. Now store then in air tight and dry chambers.

  7. Now roast them on open fire or microwave them.

  8. Now pack them in packs of 10 and they are ready for market.

    Dont forget to add your logo slips to the pockets.

License and Registration for papad making business

To run your papad making business smoothly, you will require the following licenses and permissions in India:

License from FSSAI: since papad is a food item, and therefore getting your plant certified by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is mandatory.

SSI/MSME Registration: If you want to avail benefits, cheap loans and subsidies under different schemes of government, then you must register yourself with SSI or MSME.

GST registration: you should also get a GST number and TIN number for your business, to avoid any kind of tax related problems.

If you are going to use papad making machines in your plant, then you will also require to get a certificate from the pollution control board.


To have marketing of your papad business, you can adopt the following strategies:

  1. Give some special name to your papad, with which the people of your area can connect.
  2. Distribute some papad packets for free in your neighboring town. But dont forget to add the name sticker on your packets.
  3. Give advertisement in local daily newspapers.
  4. Run an ad campaign in local channels.
  5. Print some pamphlets and distribute them in your neighboring areas.
  6. Talk to the local hotels and restaurant owners.

you should remember that merely marketing your business will not always help. You will have to maintain the quality of your papad. Marketing will help you reach your customers but quality will help you sustain in the market.

Total Cost

The total cost for starting and running the papad business depends upon the scale at which you want to do it.

If you want to start it at a small scale and that too manually, then you are good to go at a small investment of around 10000 rupees. But, if you want to upscale and automate your papad business, then you will have to buy some machines. These machines will cost you around 1 lakh rupees.

The good thing about papad making business is that you will start earning right from the first day.

Earning in papad making business

The profits that can be earned from papad business depends upon the following factors:

  1. Scale of your business.
  2. Nature of your business. Whether it is automatic or manual.

So this was all about the papad business. We are sure that you would have loved reading this article.

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Is papad making a profitable business?

Yes, papad making is a very profitable and lucrative business in India.If a person starts this business from his house, he/she will be able to earn more than 20000 Rs per month. And if it is taken to a larger scale, it can generate lakhs of rupees per month as profit.

What are the raw materials required for papad business?

The raw materials required for papad making business are flour, black gram, black pepper, food grade alkali, edible oil, and flavoring agents.

What is the cost for starting papad business?

Papad making business can be started with an initial investment of just 10000 Rs. But if you want to upscale and automate your business, then you will require some machinery, which will coat you around 1 lakh rupees.

Which are the papad making companies in India?

Some of the famous papad making companies in India are Haldiram Papad, Lijjat papad, Aggarwal Papad etc.

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