OpenAI announces the enterprise version of ChatGPT, check details

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Enterprise Version of Chat GPT: Open AI, the company behind the revolutionary Chat GPT has launched a new and powerful version of the Chat bot, named as the enterprise version of Chat GPT. It is a product for businesses and will come with a variety of powerful features.

Open AI revealed that this new version will have the following advanced features;

  1. It will have the advanced security and privacy features.
  2. It will be faster and will grant unlimited access to GPT 4, to help businesses leverage the chat bot for maximum use.
  3. It will support larger prompts as it will have a bigger context window.
  4. It can handle large and complex data, besides having the customisation options.

In addition, it will have administrator controls, usage insights, team member management features, and single-sign on (SSO) capabilities.

It is pertinent to mention here that many leading companies like Samsung and Apple have asked their employees to stop using Chat GPT in their employee capacity, as they fear the leakage of information. However, Open AI has reiterated that the chat bot will not learn from the user’s conversation or the business data.

It is interesting to note that many companies have already incorporated enterprise version of Chat GPT in their products. Such companies include Canva, PWC, Zapier etc.

It is pertinent to mention here that Chat GPT is an AI driven chat bot, that can engage users in conversations, write and debug codes, answer queries, help in SEO besides other jobs. It is backed by Microsoft, which has incorporated it in their search engine Bing, to enhance the user experience.

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