JK Government Prohibits Unauthorized Access to Files/Information in e-Office

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JK Govt prohibits unauthorized access to e-office: Jammu and Kashmir Government has issued an order to maintain the security and confidentiality of official information in accordance with the IT Act of 2000. The order in this regard has been issued by JKGAD, today on 23 October, 2023.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has already started implementation of e-office across all offices of the UT to efficiently conduct the government business. In the wake of this, and to maintain the secrecy of the official information, JKGAD issued an order to prohibit the unauthorized access to e-office files, information and references.

Unauthorized access shall include, but shall not be limited to viewing, copying, sharing or disseminating e-office data and information without proper permission, and it shall be treated as a penal offence under Chapter XI of the IT Act 2000.

In pursuance of the above said order, all officials working on e-office platform are strictly prohibited from accessing any sensitive data for which they do not have the explicit authorization from the competent authority.

The order issued by JKGAD further reads, “All Departments are further, advised to ensure that officers/officials, who have been transferred out of secretariat, or left their respective departments/organization and no longer need access to e-office, shall not get a privilege of any access to their previous accounts. To ensure this, all Departments shall notify Information Technology Department about all such personnel within a day. The Information Technology Department shall immediately proceed to bar such officers/officials from accessing e-office from their previous offices/place of posting in the Secretariat and/or other organizations. Further, all Departments shall designate a Nodal officer for liaisoning with the Information Technology Department, in future, with regard to such officers/officials whose accounts need to be closed on account of their transfer or superannuation etc, so that their accounts are closed/suspended on time”.

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