[2023] How to Start Slipper Making Business Plan in India

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Can anybody think of any household where slippers are not used. Slippers are used by all of us, be it the men, women or children.

Slippers are lightweight footwear made up of rubber. They are used inside the house as well as outside. People love putting on slippers, as they are lightweight, easy to wear and put off and also comfortable in nature.

Since slippers are always in demand, through out the year, so any body can turn slipper manufacturing into a profitable business.

If you are looking for a profitable business idea, then slipper making business (Hawai Chappal making business) idea is very appropriate for you.

Slipper Making Business Idea, Why?

If you are still wondering, why you should opt for slipper manufacturing business idea, then the following points are enough to motivate you:

  1. It is an evergreen business idea. Slippers never go out of fashion.
  2. It is a billion dollar industry and you can easily carve out a niche for yourself.
  3. India is one of the largest users of slippers, because of its large population.
  4. Slipper making business can easily be turned into an export business, as Indian slippers are high in demand in foreign countries.
  5. It can be started with a very small investment, and yet it can be very very profitable in nature.
  6. The procurement of raw materials needed for the slipper manufacturing business is very easy.
  7. Making slippers is a very simple task. It involves no rocket science.

So, if you are motivated now to start this business, then you can check the detailed guide on “how to start slipper making business in India in 2023” below.

Location For Slipper Making Business

while choosing the location for your business of slipper manufacturing, take care of the following things:

  1. The space should atleast be 200 square feet in area.
  2. It should be easily accessible.
  3. It should have access to basic amenities like electricity.

Research For Chappal Making Business

Once you have chosen your location for chappal making business, we advise you to conduct the Research to find out:

  1. The best seller of machinery for your chapal business.
  2. The market that you want to target. Whether you want to target the rural side or the urban side.
  3. What kind of slippers are selling the most in your area.
  4. The best raw material for slippers.
  5. The best suppliers of your chosen raw material.

Raw Materials Required

In order to successfully run your slipper making business, you will require the following raw materials:

Raw MaterialFunction
Rubber SheetsYou cut slipper soles from it.
StrapsThese are attached to soles to turn it into a functional slipper.
Packaging Material It consists of bags and boxes, in which you will sell your slippers.

Machinery For Slipper Manufacturing Business Idea


To turn your dream of slipper manufacturing into a reality, you will require the following machines:

Dies of different sizes and shapesThese dies are used to cut the rubber sheets into soles of different sizes and shapes.
Sole Cutting MachineIt is used to cut soles from the rubber sheets.
DrillIt is used to makes holes in the slipper sole.
Strapping MachineIt is used to attach straps to soles.
Finishing MachineSince the soles cut with a die are a slightly rougher. They are given a proper finishing with a finishing machine.

These machines come separately, but there is also one automatic machine, in which all of the above mentioned machines come assembled together.

Where to Buy Hawai Chappal Making Machines

In case, you want to buy slipper making machines, you can do so by visiting the following websites:

  1. www.indiamart.com
  2. www.alibaba.com

Slipper Making Machine Price

The cost for slipper making machines is given below:

  1. Dies : Rs 250 per unit.
  2. Sole cutting machine : 10000Rs.
  3. Drill : Rs 10000.
  4. Strapping Machine : Rs 7000.
  5. Finishing Machine: Rs 8000.

So, the total machinery cost for starting your slipper manufacturing business is around 35000 Rupees.

If you want to buy an “all in one” semi automatic machine, that will cost you around 1 Lakh Rupees.

Slippers Manufacturing Process

Now that you have understood what raw materials and machinery do you need to run your slipper manufacturing business, now is the time to know what is the process for making slippers.

The slipper manufacturing is done through these steps:

  1. Lay the rubber sheet on your machine bed.
  2. Now put suitable dies on it, and press the machine to cut soles from the sheet.
  3. Now drill the holes in the sole.
  4. After this, put the straps in the strapping machine. Attach straps to the sole using this machine. In this way, chappal gets ready.
  5. Now finish the slippers using finishing machine.
  6. Print your name and logo on them, and let them dry for some time.
  7. Check the slippers for any defects.
  8. Cover the slippers in paper and then pack them in suitable boxes.

Licenses and Registrations For Slipper making business,

To run your slipper business smoothly, you will need to get the following licenses and registration;

Aadhar Udyog Registration: since slipper making plant is an MSME, hence you need to get Aadhar for Business by doing registration with Aadhar Udyog. This will help you get a lot of concessions and subsidies.

Pollution Certificate: You will also require a pollution certificate from the pollution control board of your area.

Brand Registration: In order to safeguard your brand, you will have to register your brand with ISI.

GST registration: GST registration is also necessary for running this business.

Slipper Packaging

while packing your slippers, you should bear the following important points in your mind:

  1. Pack according to the need. Don’t put big slippers in small boxes and vice versa.
  2. Make your packaging beautiful.

Marketing for Manufacturing Business of Slippers

To run your slipper making business successfully, you will have to resort to marketing of your products. You can do so by following the steps given below:

  1. Maintain the quality and costs of your product.
  2. Make use of social media to spread the news about your products.
  3. Make an online store and also list your items on e-commerce websites.
  4. Run an ad campaign on social media and mass media.
  5. Talk to the local slipper vendors of your area, and motivate them to sell your products.
  6. Take part in exhibitions and business melas to showcase your products. It will create awareness about your slippers.
  7. Always drop a beautiful message in every box of slippers. This will help you in developing good customer base.

Once your product starts kicking off, you will witness the marketing of your business through “word of mouth” also.

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Slipper Making Business Profit

In general, a pair of slippers takes Rs 40 to get ready, and is then sold for Rs 80 in the market.

Now if you spend Rs 20 on advertising on every pair of slippers, it means that you will get a profit of 20 Rs on every pair of slippers sold in the market.

If you sell 100 pairs a day, it means that you will be able to earn 20 x 100 = 2000 Rs per day. In this way you can generate profits of about 60000Rs per month.

Once your brand kicks off in the market, and you don’t feel any need to make advertisements, then you will be able to make profits of around 120000 Rs per month.

Necessary Precautions

Now, if you are motivated enough to start your chappal making business in 2023, you should take the following precautionary measures:

  1. Always check the machine before buying. What if you take one such machine, which takes a lot of effort in cutting the soles from the rubber sheet.
  2. We advise you to start with the small manual machine, until you develop the knowhow of the slipper business.
  3. Always buy the good quality material, if you want to live longer in the slipper market.

So this wall about the Hawai Chappal Making Business in India. We are sure that must have come to know how to start slipper manufacturing business in 2023. Share it with your friends.

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FAQs On Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Business

Is slipper making business idea profitable?

Yes, slipper making business is very profitable in nature. Here, you will have to check how to cut the manufacturing and marketing costs. To do so, you will have to procure raw materials that are cheap but of good quality. Further, you will have to make slippers of good quality, so that people prefer to buy slippers of your company only.

What are the various machines required for slipper making business?

The machines that you will require to run your slipper making business are dies of various sizes, sole cutting machine, strapping machine, drill and a finishing machine.

What are the various precautions that should be taken in slipper making business?

The precautions that one should take in slipper making business are 1. to check machines before buying them,2. always start small, 3. buy raw materials from nearest vendors to cut the costs, 4. maintain quality of your products, 5. do proper research to check which kind of slippers are in demand in your area.

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