[2023] How To Start A Cryptocurrency Blog, 6 Small Steps

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Cryptocurrency has taken the whole world by a storm and everyone wants to know about it. Cryptocurrency is said to have the potential to revolutionise our future, and it has slowly started doing so. The concept of de-fi, the potential of Blockchain technology, the tokenisation of assets, are some ideas, that can totally change the way, we look at the world and its institutions.

The concepts of cryptocurrency are new and clearly known to a very small amount of population. At the same time, the phenomenal rise in the value of Bitcoin has raised the interest of the people in the cryptocurrencies. So, people are trying to search for this revolutionary concept and want to know more and more about them. This is where you can jump in and provide people the relevant information in a very lucid manner.

In the given article, we will provide you a detailed guide on how to start a cryptocurrency blog in 2023. Let’s go.

Why You Should Start A Cryptocurrency Blog

You might be wondering, as to why we should start a crypto blog, when there are hundreds of other topics. You might ask that I dont understand the cryptocurrency myself, so how can I start a blog about it. Given below, are the reasons, that will motivate you to start a cryptocurrency blog in 2022;

  • Cryptocurrency is a new phenomenon and people want to know about it.
  • It is future and you will help people understand this futuristic concept.
  • It will be a thrilling experience to learn and teach about the cryptocurrency.
  • You will stay ahead of all others as you slowly become an authority in this field.
  • You can earn a lot by starting a cryptocurrency blog, in terms of advertisements, sponsorships, reviews etc.
  • It attracts a lot of traffic, and you wont face much problems in ranking your posts.
  • It will help you in becoming a crypto-influencer, which will inturn helps you in increasing your earnings, by way of selling your courses, getting invited to crypto-conferences and guiding people regarding crypto investment.

By now, we hope you might have gotten motivated to start your cryptocurrency blog. While becoming an authority in cryptocurrency field may take you some time, but it won’t take you more than a hour to start your cryptocurrency blog.

How To Start A Cryptocurrency Blog.

Starting a cryptocurrency blog is just like starting any other blog, but before that, you need to prepare your mind for the following:

  1. It is a very new and emerging field and I will have to keep myself informed regarding all the updates that are likely to come your way.
  2. Success does not come overnight, and I will have to be patient and dedicated.
  3. Create accounts across various social media platforms and make your own community.

Now is the turn to learn how to start a cryptocurrency blog.

6 Steps To Start A Cryptocurrency Blog

Cryptocurrency blog can be started in 6 easy steps. These steps might seem a bit technical to you, if you are new to blogging. But if you have some experience about blogging,then they might seem a cakewalk to you. If you find these steps difficult, you can hire any website maker, but we suggest you to do it on your own, as you will get a know-how of how things are done. These steps are:

  • Choose a Domain Name: A domain name is the name or address of your website. you can choose any name, but we suggest you to choose a relevant and a catchy name.
  • Select a blogging platform: Blogging platform is on which you make your blog. There are many blogging platforms available, but WordPress and Blogger are the two famous ones.
  • Choose Good hosting service provider: Hosting is where you store blog data, which might be in the form of videos, images or articles. Your hosting service provider will give you an option of one click wordpress installation facility.
  • Link domain with your hosting: Next step is to link your domain with your hosting. If you are a newbie, we suggest you to buy both domain name and hosting from the same company.
  • Design Your Blog: Once you have linked your domain name with the hosting, you website will become live. Now is the turn to design your blog. While designing, you can choose any custom theme and plugins to ensure your blog satisfies a user completely.
  • Start Writing on your Blog: This is the most important step, as you have started blogging for it. Let’s discuss this step in detail.

How To Write Content On Cryptocurrency Blog.

Writing good content is a dream of every blogger. It becomes a little tricky when one is dealing with a new and technical niche like cryptocurrency. But its novelty is where the oppurtunity lies.

Before writing content on your cryptocurrency blog, make sure you read some books and blogs about it. Doing so, will help you in getting information about its basics and in understanding the technical aspects of it. Select at least 10 to 15 basic topics related to cryptocurrency and focus more on them. It will boost you confidence and you will be good to go.

Once you have started learning those topics, make sure that you start writing immediately on your blog. You might not get satisfied with your first post, but it will boost your confidence and groom your writing skills.

Remember, that you can learn swimming only by jumping into water. So, don’t be mistaken that first you will learn everything about cryptocurrency and then you will start writing. Believe me, you will never write. Start with whatever little knowledge you have achieved, and you will fine tune your knowledge and writing skills with the passage of time.

You might not get traffic on your new blog initially and you must be prepared for it. If you have made a cryptocurrency related community, as mentioned above, share your posts with them and ask them fortheir review. It will on one hand, bring traffic to your site and at the same time you will get to know about your positives and negatives from your trustworthy community.

Make Your YouTube Channel and Other Social Media Accounts

When you have started writig content on your blog, start your youtube/shorts channel and create accounts on social media. Even though it is not necessary, but this will help you create a community of your true followers.

You can share your content with your followers on social media and direct your viewers from youtube to your blog, which will inturn help in its ranking. An added advantage of it is that you will get presence on other social media sites, get money from youtube also.

Monetise Your Blog

When you have posted around 5 articles, you can apply for Google Adsense Monetization, but we suggest you to focus first only on content writing and primarily focus on getting traffic to your blog. Once, you start getting traffic on your site, you can monetise your blog in the following ways:

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Affliate Marketing
  4. Sponsored Posts

Remember, that success does not come overnight, and getting even a few readers on your blog might seem a big task at first. But, in order to be successful, you will have to be patient, committed and dedicated. You might get demotivated every morning, but you will have to sit, do research and spend time in writing articles. Bear it in mind, that consistency is the key to success.


Is starting a cryptocurrency blog a good idea?

The answer is yes. Cryptocurrency is a very recent concept, and there are just few well established blogs in this field. So, if you are planning to start a crypto blog in 2023, it can be a life changing idea for you. But you should remember that you will have to be very dedicated and hardworking, if you want to succeed.

Which topics should I cover in my cryptocurrency blog?

On your cryptocurrency blog, you can cover a lot of topics. The topics will be related to cryptocurrency itself, its underlying block chain technology, NFTs, Web 3.0, Metaverse, investments in cryptos and NFTs etc.

What are the pros of starting a blog related to cryptocurrency?

There are various pros of running a cryptocurrency blog. They are; 1. it is a new concept, and you can easily sail through the competition. 2, it is a very profitable niche. 3, you will love reading and researching about this new concept. 4, you will become a crypto-influencer very easily. 5, you can monetize this blog through different options.

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