[2023] Best High Profit Small Business In India

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If you want to start your own business in 2022, but are not able to get an idea to work upon, then you do not need to worry about it. Today, we are going to provide you a list of 5 best high profit small business ideas to start in India in 2022.


As all of you know that government jobs are shrinking with every passing day, and it is therefore becoming very difficult for people to find and get a government job. Same is the case with the private sector jobs, as private companies require highly skilled labor force. It is pertinent to mention here that private sector jobs have also reduced in number owing to the Covid19 pandemic, Which led to firing away of many employees by the private companies.

In such a scenario, educated persons become tense as they are unable to find jobs by which they could have a decent living. But the educated and unemployed youth need to understand the harsh reality of the job market. They need to put it in their mind that every body can not be accomodated in the govt and the corporate sector.

What should our youth do?

So if, our youth want to be successful in their life and be the job givers than the job seekers, they need to get up and start doing business of any such kind which suits their conditions.

The youth of today should look for such business which require low investment but can generate huge profits. Starting their own business can make them be their own bosses.

Which Small Business Ideas to Start With:

If you are not able to get to the business idea that you could work upon, then you need to stop worrying. We will provide you a list of Low Investment and high profit business ideas to start in India in 2022.

These ideas are evergreen and least affected by the market risks. In addition, they have a huge demand in the market. Let us look at these ideas one by one:

1 Soap Manufacturing Business

This is an evergreen business and has huge demand in India. It requires very low investment and can give you huge profits. India also exports soaps to different countries, so you can jump into soap exporting business within a matter of just few years.

Further, the concept of organic and handmade soaps is penetrating deeper into our society, so, if you extend your soap business to organic side also, you will generate huge profits.

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2 Photography and Videography

Who does not want to get good and memorable photos. All of us are on instagram and other social media apps, and want our photos to stand out from the photos of all others. In addition to this, the advent of Short video apps has generated huge demand for videographers.

Further people also hire photographers and videographers for their weddings, birthdays, events, festivals.

To start with, you just need to get a professional camera and a gimbal. You will get to now about the functions of your camera within a period of just one week. Meanwhile you can watch some photography and videography videos available freely on internet and then you are good to go.

There is a huge scope for this profession at present and its demand is going to increase in future.

3 Bakery Business In India

The notion about the bakers that “they earn a bag full of rupees for each flour bag” should motivate you to do this business. It is a low investment and high profit business, but you need to be good in making cakes, pastries, bread etc.

If you do not know the cake making and the other things, then you will have to hire some professionals.

This business has huge scope, as bakery items are consumed in each household every day and at every festival, their demand increases manifold. It has a bright future also.

4 Fragrant and Regular Candles

India has a huge population and candles are used by a good percentage of that. Candles are used not only for lighting the houses during power cuts, but are also used for religious purposes and interior decoration in houses, restaurants, offices, weddings etc.

This business is also a low investment and huge profit business. All you need is some basic training and a little amount of money to buy the raw material.

You can later on extend your business and start making scented and customised candles of varying shapes and sizes. This business has a bright present and a very bright future.

5 Tutoring Business

Who does not want their children to have better education as we are going through a very tough competition in education sector. No parents want their child to lag behind the others. So the need for well qualified and dedicated teachers is on rise.

You can first of all start from home services and later extend it to online mode. Online mode of tutoring has seen an exponential growth in Covid times and it is the most feasible mode, both for the tutor as well as the student.

You can also record your lectures and later sell them on any app made by your app maker for you. Remember apps can be made at very affordable prices.

If you are educated and are passionate about teaching, you can start off with this business with zero investment.

I hope that you must have liked this article and you might have gotten an idea of high profit small businesses in India. Don’t think any more now. Just start with any of them and have a prosperous future. We wish you best of luck.

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