What is GPT 4, How is it different from Chat GPT and GPT 3

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Chat GPT has set everybody talking about the powers and use cases of artificial intelligence. It became such a massive hit that it garnered more than 1 million users in just 5 days. The versatility shown by Chat GPT surprised every one, and people have started using if for a variety of purposes, ranging from solving math questions to writing and debugging codes.

All this has sparked speculations about the next iteration of GPT, which is popularly known as Chat GPT 4. But when will it be released, remains a mystery unsolved, as Open AI has remained tightlipped about it, except for giving some hints and cues. This has led some people believe that it is almost ready, and will be available in early 2023.

But, what exactly is GPT 4, and how will it be different from Chat GPT, lets dive into it.

What Is GPT 4?

GPT 4 is already a new buzz word on Twitter, and what is interesting is that people are asking Chat GPT about GPT4. This is how Chat GPT describes and differentiates GPT 4 from its predecessors.

GPT 4 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, and it will be the upcoming entrant to the family of GPTs. It is expected to boost productivity manifold and bring a paradigm shift in economy.

According to the information given by chat GPT, GPT 4 will have 175 billion parameters, which is same as it itself has.

However, some sources reveal that GPT 4 will have an astounding 1 trillion parameters. But if Andrew Feldman, Cerebras’ CEO is to believed then GPT 4 is expected to carry 100 trillion parameters. While giving an interview to “wired”, he said,

“From talking to OpenAI, GPT-4 will be about 100 trillion parameters. […] That won’t be ready for several years.”

Andrew Feldman, Cerebras’ CEO

This whopping manifold increase in the parameters will make GPT 4 produce more accurate results at a much faster rate.

Open AI’s first version of GPT had 110 million parameters. GPT-2 had 1.75 billion, and GPT-3, now two years old, has 175 billion, and Chat GPT too has 1.75 billion parameters. But, the enhancement in the functionality with the increase in the parameters, speaks very vividly of how powerful GPT 4 will be, if other factors like proportionate data feeding are also taken care of.

This increase in the parameters of GPT 4 means that it will require more data and more training than the earlier versions of GPT. In addition, it will be very difficult to fine tune such a gigantic parameter carrying transformer besides being very expensive in terms of computational power.

Further more, it is expected that GPT 4 will be multi modal in nature. It will accept audios, videos, texts and images as input, and generate audio-visual and textual outputs.

What is more interesting is that GPT 4 will be less dependent on good prompting, as it will be able to understand the contexts to a greater extent. It will give users a freedom to formulate the prompt in a way they find it easy, with a confidence that the system will understand them.

This is all that is expected from GPT 4. Let’s now understand how GPT 4 will be different from Chat GPT and other GPTs

Difference Between GPT 4 and Chat GPT, GPT 4 vs GPT3

GPTs refer to the generations of Generated Pre-trained Transformers. GPT is a neural network machine learning model developed by AI company called Open AI. Till now it has released GPT 1, GPT 2, GPT 3, Chat GPT and the next entrant coming to the family is GPT4.

GPT 4 will be the advance model and will be different from the rest of the GPTs in the ways tabulated below;

GPT 4chat GPT & Other GPTs
It will be the most advanced GPTThese are the older GPTs
It is expected to have around 1 trillion or more parametersThese have had 175 billion parameters at the most.
It will very quick and efficient modelThese GPTs are comparatively slower and less efficient
It will require more training and data owing to large number of parameters They required less training and data owing to less number of parameters
It is very difficult to fine tune GPT 4Fine tuning was comparatively easier
It will require huge computational and energy resources to be up & runningThey required comparatively less computational and energy resources.
It is expected to have multiple modes of input & output.They had only text as the mode of input and output.
It will be very efficient at understanding the prompts.They were very heavily dependent on prompts.

So, these were some differences between GPT 4 and other GPTs, we are sure that you would have found this article very useful.

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FAQs on Differences between GPT 4 and Chat GPT

How many parameters will there be in GPT 4?

Chat GPT is yet to be unveiled, and there are different opinions about the number of parameters that it will have. If Chat GPT is to believed then it will have 175 billion parameters, which is same that it itself has. But some sources say that it will have 1 trillion parameters. There is also a third opinion by Andrew Feldman, Cerebras CEO, and according to him, it will have a whopping 100 trillion parameters.

How is GPT 4 different from GPT 3?

GPT 4 is expected to be different from GPT 3 and other earlier GPTs in many ways. GPT 4 is expected to have at least 1 trillion parameters, while as GPT 3 had just 175 billion parameters. In addition, GPT 4 is expected to be very quick, reliable and multi-modal in nature.

What are the differences between GPT 4 and Chat GPT?

There are many differences between GPT4 and Chat GPT. GPT 4 is expected to have at-least 1 trillion parameters but Chat GPT has just 175 billion parameters. In addition, GPT 4 is supposed to be less dependent upon the nature of prompts, more reliable and fast, multi-modal in nature. In addition, GPT 4 will require more data to be fed to it than the Chat GPT and other GPTs.

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