Chinese Chat GPT, Launch Date, Parent Company And All Features

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Chat GPT, that was recently released by an AI company Open AI, has surprised the whole world with its enormous capabilities. It got an overwhelming response from the netizens across the world, so much so that it crossed 1 million users in a record time of just 5 days.

While it was used by few to write articles and blog posts, others used it to make websites and apps, and its use cases are since then increasing in number. It has unveiled the true power of Artificial intelligence, and has set people restless for the next iteration of GPTs named as GPT4. GPT 4 is believed to be enormously efficient and faster than the Chat GPT.

While people are waiting eagerly for GPT4, a Chinese company named Baidu has announced launch of its own Chat bot service often dubbed as Chinese Chat GPT, owing to the startling similarity in their functionality.

But what exactly is the Baidu’s chat bot? Let’s check that.

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Baidu’s Chat Bot

Baidu, which is the largest search engine company of China has, announced to launch its Chat GPT style chat bot in March 2023.

Its name has not been decided yet, and is currently dubbed as Chinese version of Chat GPT.

This chat bot is based on Ernie system, which is a large scale machine learning model. The full form of ERNIE is Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration, and it is a continual pre-training and multi-tasking framework. It has been trained on data over many previous years.

What is exciting is that the company will embed the bot into its search services in due course of time and it will help users get natural conversation and life-like search results. However, initially it will be launched as a stand-alone application.

It is said that this Chinese alternative of Chat GPT will be able to write essays, write codes and engage users in discussions.

NameChinese Chat GPT
Official NameNot Revealed yet
Launch DateMarch 2023
Language modelERNIE

It is pertinent to mention here that there are many chat-bots available in China, but most of them are just used for social interaction. This will be the first multi-purpose chat bot in China, aimed at solving the high end problems.

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What is Chinese Chat GPT?

Chinese Chat GPT is a chat bot to be launched by a Chinese company named Baidu in March 2023. Its official name is not known yet, but given the way it is similar to the Open AI’s Chat GPT, it has been dubbed as Chinese Chat GPT. It is a multipurpose chat bot, that is based on ERNIE machine learning model.

Which machine learning model is used in Chinese Chat GPT?

The machine learning model used in Chinese Chat GPT is ERNIE. The full form of ERNIE is Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration, and it is a natural language processing (NLP) framework.

When will Chinese Chat GPT be launched?

Chinese counter part of Chat GPT will be launched in March 2023.

Which company owns Chinese Chat GPT?

Chinese Chat GPT is owned by Baidu, which is a search engine company based in China. It was founded in 2000, and aims to make life simpler through technology.

Who made Chat GPT?

Chat GPT was made by Open AI, which is an AI company started by Sam Altman and Elon Musk. Elon Musk later left the company and its current CEO is Sam Altman himself.

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