Can Chat GPT Generate Images And Make A Website

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Chat GPT has become a talk of town. Every person on internet has heard a word or two about this powerful AI bot. Chat GPT has shown it to the world how powerful can artificial intelligence be.

Chat GPT is a universal AI bot developed by Open AI, which is a US based AI company. This bot can perform a diverse range of functions like simplifying the tough concepts, writing and debugging computer codes, solve basic mathematical problems, check grammatical errors, make plans apart from other functions.

The chat bot became such a blockbuster that it got more than 1 million users in just 5 days and crossed a mark of attracting 100 million users per month in a matter of just two months. This has made it the fastest growing platform ever.

What is more exciting is that Microsoft, that has been backing this chat bot, has decided to integrate it into its search engine Bing.

Chat GPT is a generative language model employing 175 billion parameters, which empower it to be very fast and very accurate. It can be used in a variety of fields like language translation, entertainment and customer engagement.

But, can Chat GPT generate images and websites? We will discuss it in the following sections.

Can Chat GPT make Images | Is Chat GPT Image Generator

The answer is no. Chat GPT works on a single mode of input and output. It can take prompts only in textual mode, and then generate outputs also in the text form. This is one of the severe limitations of Chat GPT, that it does not support audio-visual inputs and outputs. So, Chat GPT image generator tool as such does not exist.

However, there is an indirect way of using Chat GPT to generate images in which chat GPT will be given a prompt describing the image that we want to generate. The output given by it will then be fed to text to image generation tools like DeepAI. Doing so will enhance the accuracy of the desired image.

The next version of GPTs, that is GPT 4, is expected to be multi-modal in nature. So, GPT 4 will support audio-visual inputs and outputs, and hence we can expect that to generate images. But, when will that be released, is not yet known to anyone of us.

It is pertinent to mention here, that recently Open AI launched Point E 3D image generator, that can develop 3D models based upon the textual inputs.

Can Chat GPT make a website

The answer is yes. Chat GPT can write programming codes for simple websites, apps and blog pages for you. With that code, you can create simple websites.

Some people even used the code written by Chat GPT to create simple apps like text based games and calculators.

So, it is clear that Chat GPT can write codes for you, with which you can make simple websites. The interesting thing here is that you can ask the same bot about how to use the code written by it to create a website.

But in order to do this, you should be able to give suitable prompts. The prompts should explain in detail all the features that you want in your website. Once the code is ready, make sure that you check it at least once, as sometimes it misses some important elements like opening and closing tags.

The good thing here is that if you want any image elements on your website, you can get that easily by mentioning that in your prompts.

Even though the websites developed on Chat GPT generated code are not always perfect and top notch, but they are definitely worth giving a try.

So this was all about the topic. We are sure that you got your answers.

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Can Chat GPT make images?

The answer is no. Chat GPT supports only textual inputs and outputs. Hence, it can neither take images as input and nor generate them as the output.

Can we make websites with Chat GPT?

The answer is yes. You can use Chat GPT to write computer codes. And you can use those codes to make a simple website.

What are the best business ideas with Chat GPT?

With Chat GPT, you can start many businesses. They include language translation services, chat bot development for companies, making products like websites, apps and plugins etc, creation of unique business names etc.

Which GPT will have the ability to generate images?

It is expected that GPT 4 will have the ability to generate images. The experts are of the notion that GPT 4 will support audio-visual inputs and outputs, and hence, it will be able to generate images as a form of output.

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