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Are you looking forward to start your own business, but don’t have much money to invest. You don’t need to worry. Today, in this article, we will provide you a list of 5 such business ideas, that can be started with zero investment.


The rising unemployment rate in India is a matter of great concern for all of us. The jobs have been further reduced by the emergence of Covid 19 Pandemic. In such a scenario, it is very difficult for the people to get jobs, both in govt sector ans well as private sector.

The number of govt jobs advertised each year is very small as compared to the number of the applicants. This makes getting a govt job almost impossible for a common person. In addition, private sector is hiring only highly skilled youth, which renders the common individuals jobless. Even, if an unskilled person gets hired in private sector, his salary is not sufficient enough to provide him a decent living. In such a scenario, the jobless persons aspire to start their own business, but are either not having good financial condition or the proper business idea.

Business With Zero Investment In India

Today, in this article, we will provide you 5 such zero investment business ideas, that can change your life altogether. These ideas are:

  1. Reselling Business
  2. Students’ Service Provider
  3. Blogging
  4. Photo Editing Business
  5. Tiffin Service

These ideas are discussed in detail below:

1. Reselling Business Ideas

Reselling is the best zero investment business idea. In reselling, you will buy from one party and sell to another, and earn the commission. This zero investment business idea does not require you to set up any company or a big shop. You can do it without manufacturing anything yourself and without having to hire any staff.

You will purchase the stock in bulk from any company, and sell the same at the market price. The business can be run better if you make social media accounts and provide home delivery to customers.

Example Of Reselling Business

You can start with any such articles, that are in great demand in your area. For example, medicines are in great demand everywhere. Talk to any pharma dealer and prepare a list of medicines, that you want to start with. Purchase the medicines from him, and home deliver the same to the customers.

In Pharma, retail price is almost 50% to 300% more than the wholesale price. If you manage to sell the items worth Rs 1000 daily, you will atleast get 500 Rs as profit.

Another example of Zero Investment Reselling Business Idea is Meesho.


Download the Meesho app from Google store and become a seller. Now Share the items, that you want to sell, on social media. The people who are interested in the items will contact and purchase those items from you, and you will earn a commission.

2. Be A Service Provider To Students


Who does not hate to do home work and prepare home assignments. All of us do and more so the students. If you are educated and have a good knack of doing academic homework and writing assignments, then you can earn a decent monthly income.

There are many websites that offer homework and assignment services to students and charge them a good amount of fee. Register with these websites, and enter your qualifications and experiences.

In future, when they will receive any work, that suits your qualification and experience, they will send the same to you, and pay you a good price.

Nothing comes free of cost and here too, you will have to give your best. The more satisfied clients become, the mork work you will get. Believe me, people are earning in lakhs from it.

3. Make A Blog


For the uninitiated, blogging refers to running a website, that is discussional and informational in nature. Somebody must have told you that blogging is already dead and there is no scope in it. No, blogging is going to remain there as long as people require information.

You can start blogging with zero investment, provided you have a smart phone and an internet connection.

Bogging may initially seem tough and competitive, but with a wiser choice, the difficulty can be overcome and huge profits made. In order to be a successful blogger, you will have to be focussed and consistent. you will have to prepare your mind that you are not going to earn something for atleast first 6 months.

You will have to work all by yourself, till you start getting a good income from your blog, and after that you can hire a team, who will write the content for your website. For motivation, let’s tell you that blogging is so powerful and profitable, that people have left well paying government and corporate jobs to pursue career in it and are now earning lakhs per month through it.

To learn more about Blogging and futuristic blogging ideas, click here.

4. Photo Editing Business


We are living in an age of social media, where every one wants to post beautiful and impressive pictures. People are posting their photos on instagram, facebook etc and very often hire professional photographers and photo editors to make their photos attractive and good looking.

By posting just photos, social media has turned thousand of individuals into influencers and it has set a trend of posting alluring and retouched photos. This is where an oppurtunity lies and by cashing this oppurtunity, you can make a decent living.

To start photo editing business, you will need a mobile, some photo editing and retouching applications and some skills. These applications are freely available on internet and you can also learn the photo editing skills freely within a span of just 1 month.

Once you master the editing skills, start by retouching the photos of your friends freely, till people start noticing you. After that you can charge people at any rate that you want.

Check All Details Here.

5. Tiffin Service


The Tiffin service business is feasible and viable only in towns and cities. Even though tiffins are in great demand, but before starting this service, you will have to do a good research, whether people really need tiffin service or not.

If there is a college, university, coaching centre or an office in your vicinity, then you must give it a try. You must ensure that you provide only such food that has demand and which is hygeinic, fresh, well cooked and home made. To grow your tiffin service business, feedback of the clients must be sought regularly and then put into consideration also. In addition, make a food menu according to the taste of your clients and also share the ingredients you use with them.

To start this business and to run it smoothly, you will have to put very little amount of investment, and employ your home kitchen. Make paper posters about your service and distribute them among the students to inform them about your service.

Tiffin service is a very lucrative and simple business to start. It will be like running a restaurant without any space and manpower.

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These were some businesses that you can start without investment in India. We are sure that you would have loved reading this article.


Can I earn money online by playing games without investment?

Yes, We can earn money online by playing games without investment. There are various kinds of games like Quiz Games, Spin and Win Games, Scratch Card Games, Word games, Puzzle games, Strategy games, Arcade games. Some of the famous online games to earn money without investment are Speed Ludo, Carrom Freestyle, Fruit Fight, Pool Royale, Quizzy, Rummy, BaaziNow , Game Gully, Winzo, Ace2Three (A23), Gamethon and MGammer.

What are some businesses that can be started with zero investment?

Some businesses that can be started with zero investment are photo editing business, YouTube channel, digital marketing, drop shipping and drop servicing, tiffin service, blogging and student support business.

Is there any zero investment highly profitable business in India?

Yes, there are a lot of zero investment highly profitable businesses that can be started in India. Two among them are a YouTube channel business idea and blogging.

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