[2023] Best Instagram Business Ideas For Students

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Students face a very difficult time in their school and college days. On one hand, they have to manage their academic side, and on the other hand, also take care of their finances. In such a scenario, students look towards starting side businesses to at least manage their day to day expenses.

While the school and college gives students a chance to pursue their degree, but the business will give them the practical and first hand experiences of life. So, why wait for finishing your degree. Instead start your side hustle during your school and college days, to know how business is done, apart from getting a decent income from it.

When you decide to start business, the first thing that comes to mind is an online business. And among various online platforms, the easiest one is the Instagram.

Instagram has over 1 billion downloads. So, you can very well imagine the power of starting a business on Instagram.

If you are still doubtful about whether, or not, you should choose Instagram as a platform for your business, then let me tell you that you should choose it because;

  1. Instagram has a very very huge audience.
  2. your customer expect you there.
  3. Your customers and buyers can tag you there.
  4. It grants you easy reputation online.
  5. Your rivals are there on Instagram.
  6. Instagram can help in better networking and marketing.

If you are motivated enough to start your business on Instagram, then we have prepared a list of various business that you can do easily on it. The best thing about these Instagram Businesses is that they will help you earn a lot even after your student days are over.

Top Business Ideas For Students On Instagram

The forthcoming section will provide you 13 Instagram business ideas, that students can start as a side hustle, without affecting your studies. Check the list.

  1. Become A Content Creator.
  2. Start Drop shipping Business.
  3. Be A Freelancer.
  4. Begin Consultation Services.
  5. Start Photography.
  6. Post DIY and Craft Content.
  7. Start Academic Support Business.
  8. Be A Reseller.
  9. Start Drop Servicing Business.
  10. Be A Pet Influencer.
  11. Start Instagram Poetry.
  12. Provide Book Summaries and Reviews.
  13. Traffic Diversion Service.

Let’s discuss the above mentioned Instagram Business Ideas for students in detail now.

1. Become A Content Creator


Becoming a content creator is the most popular Instagram business idea for students. You can create content in the form of Instagram reels, or images. The content that you are going to make depends upon your passion and background. Some of the content ideas are given below:

  1. business ideas and facts.
  2. motivation.
  3. fitness and fashion.
  4. educational and historical facts.
  5. product use case.
  6. gadget reviews.
  7. relationship advices.
  8. finance.
  9. unpacking and unboxing.
  10. dance and choreography.

Once, you decide the niche about which you are planning to create your content on Instagram, make sure that you post regularly on your page. You should some time post contests, puzzles, behind the scenes videos etc. to keep your audience entertained and engaged.

2. Start Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping is a business model in which you sell commodities to the people without actually owning the inventory. Whenever, any person places an order on your Instagram page, the order is forwarded to the manufacturer, who then executes the order on your behalf. He packs and ships the commodity to the customer. Your only purpose in the whole process is to act as a buyer and earn commissions.

Some of the dropshipping ideas that are going well, circulate around:

  1. Women wear like sarees, bangles, trousers etc.
  2. Fashion and beauty items like creams, lipsticks etc.
  3. Foot wear.
  4. customised gift items.
  5. Baby wear.
  6. gadgets.
  7. Kitchen ware like induction cookers, vegetable cutters etc.

You can list as many items on your e-commerce page as you want. But, we suggest you to sell items of only single niche. It will help in your brand building.

Once, you decide which things will you sell on your page, you should post the images of the items to be sold regularly. In addition, you should run an ad campaign to achieve quick growth.

If you are still stuck with, whether you should start drop shipping or not, then check the table below:

Why To Start DropshippingWhy Not To Start Dropshipping
Very profitableHuge competition
Easy to do and low investment requiredProblem in maintenance of quality
Flexible locationprevalence of customer related problems
No need to maintain the physical inventoryNo command over the supply chain

3. Be a Freelancer

You can also start freelancing and post your work on your Instagram page. The more creative and hardworking you are, the more are the chances of your growth.


Some of the best freelancing ideas are listed below:

  1. photo and video editing.
  2. copywriting.
  3. poster making.
  4. voice over work.
  5. virtual assistance jobs.
  6. transcription and translation.

Here, you will not actually work on Instagram, but you will post your work here. Once, a community gets built, you can earn huge profits through affiliate links and sponsorships.

4. Begin Consultation Service

This is a much required service for brands and businesses. As a consultant, you will share your expertise and knowledge with others to help them get better in various fields like making more sales, developing social media presence and other brand building.

This is possible only if you have built your IG page or achieved something notable in your other businesses. Here, you can also make premium courses and then ask your audience to enroll in those courses.

Many IG influencers are doing so. Sharan Hegde, who is famous as “financewithsharan” on Instagram earned more than 3 crore rupees last year, just by selling his courses.

5. Start Photography

Instagram became an instant hit as an image sharing platform. People are totally loving it to post their beautiful photos on Instagram, but everyone cannot click appealing photos by themselves. This is where an opportunity pops up for you.


In order to start your photography business, you will require a good quality camera, some editing soft wares and above all some creativity.

Why Start Photography BusinessWhy Not To start Photography Business
It has a very high demandIt requires creativity and experience
It is very profitable in natureInitial investment is around 1 Lakh rupees.
You will explore the world around yousatisfying customers can be difficult.

Once, you are satisfied to take it as a side hustle as a student, you should start taking photos of your friends and relatives free of cost. After that, start posting your work on your page to showcase your talent to the entire world. Once, you get some fame, people will approach you for event photography, product photography, portrait photography, social media photography.

Once your page grows, you can earn money through sponsored posts, affiliate links, referrals and paid events.

6. Post DIY and Craft Content

DIY projects are very famous and loved by all of us, as they save our time and money, and produce in us a sense of accomplishment.


If you have a bit of creativity towards doing daily pieces of work in your own way or simplifying the hard procedures, you can share that on Instagram. You can share DIY projects and tutorials on Instagram, and help people learn new techniques.

In the initial days of your DIY journey on Instagram, you should bear in mind that:

  1. You do not stretch yourself too much.
  2. Do not go beyond your budget.
  3. It should not take much of your time.
  4. Can I bear the risk that the DIY project entails.

Once, you get a good following on your page, you can earn a lot of money through selling tutorials, affiliate links and sponsored posts.

7. Start Academic Support Business

As a student, you will be better aware about the problems faced by the students, both in their classroom as well as out of their classroom.

This is one among the easiest business ideas on Instagram, if you have a knack of giving tuitions and online assistance.

You can make short videos in which you will provide solutions to the problems faced by the students. Similarly, you can provide other services like home work completion, assignment checking, science project completion, online assistance and career counselling, apart from other things.

All the above services will be paid, and once you gather a good following, you can earn further through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

8. Be a Reseller

Reselling is a type of business, in which you buy various items from wholesalers and then sell the same to the end customers. This business is currently booming in India.


It is an ideal choice of business for students, as it is less risky and highly profitable in nature. In addition, it requires a very small starting investment.

If you want to start reselling business idea in Instagram, then you can check the following ideas;

  1. Reselling of limited edition shoes.
  2. Vintage clothes reselling.
  3. Reselling of antique pieces.
  4. Reselling of luxury hand bags.
  5. Ticket reselling.
  6. Reselling of wedding dresses.
  7. Toys and games reselling.

While doing this business, you should use Instagram shoppable posts, use suitable hashtags and run suitable ad campaigns, apart from posting regularly on your page. This will help you in getting the first visitors to your page.

Once you get a good following, you can sell your products through DMs and stories.

9. Start Drop Servicing Business

Drop servicing business is similar to the drop shipping business. The only difference between the two is that drop shipping deals with physical goods, but drop servicing deals with the services.


To start drop servicing business, you will have to rope in various kinds of service providers, like soft ware developers, app developers, code writers, video editing, graphic designers etc.

After this, make an Instagram business account, where you can list the services for sale. Whenever any client approaches you for any service, you will get that delivered through your service providers and earn a good amount of commission.

To earn huge profits in your drop servicing business, you should target out-of-India cutomers through your ad campaigns. It is because these services are available at very cheaper prices in India, but sell at very high costs in the foreign countries.

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10. Be A Pet Influencer

Being a pet influencer is also one of the best Instagram business ideas for students. You have to have love for pets apart from having experience of dealing with the pets in order to be a pet influencer. It is because, as a pet influencer, your followers will trust you for your advice and product recommendations.


You can be a pet influencer by following the steps given below:

  1. Set up an Instagram business account.
  2. Select a list of pets, about which you are going to post your content.
  3. Create a content plan. Post both videos and photos.
  4. Always use the captivating captions and relevant tags.
  5. Be consistent and keep your audience engaged.
  6. Spread the word about your business.

This business idea on Instagram, will help you in getting fame and name, apart from stress relief. You will get an opportunity to attend the conferences and programs related to pets and you can make money through selling relevant products, giving expert opinions and affiliate links.

11. Start Instagram Poetry

Who does not love poetry, especially today, when every one is filled with one or the other kind of stress. If you enjoy writing and reading poetry, then you can switch to this business idea on Instagram.


You might think, that your voice is not good or you don’t have a proper way of reading poetry, so you can’t be an Instagram poet. But, you will learn to recite poetry with time, and people will accept you with your own voice.

Before, you start Poetry as an Instagram business, you should research about the following;

  1. which audience do you want to target.
  2. which poetry is loved the most.
  3. who are the other Instagram poets, and how is their engagement.
  4. Learn to tools like Canva, to make your videos and images captivating.

If you are wondering, whether it can be a business or not, then the answer is that it has become a full fledged business now. The best thing about this Instagram business is that you will love doing it, and it will enhance your flow and confidence.

Remember that your community is important, and you can make money only with your community.

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12. Provide Book Summaries and Reviews

This is yet another suitable Instagram business idea for students. If, you love reading books and have patience to write their summaries, then this business is very appropriate for you.


In this age, most of the people do not have enough time to read a complete book and they rely on book summaries. And, the ones, who have time, want to get the book reviews before purchasing any book. This is where an opportunity pops up for you.

You can start with providing the book summaries and reviews of any books of your choice. Some of the books, that we suggest you are:

  1. Rich dad poor dad.
  2. It starts with us.
  3. Reminders of him.
  4. Millionaire mindset.
  5. Ikigai.
  6. The Tatas.
  7. Atomic habits.

You can also share the life lessons, that you will learn from these books, apart from the 3 best things and the 3 worst things about these books, to keep your audience engaged and motivated.

You will soon have a huge following of book lovers, whom you can sell the physical and audio books through your affiliate links.

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13. Traffic Diversion Service

This is the last one among the Instagram business ideas for students and it is an indirect way of earning money through Instagram. If you have a good number of followers, then you can direct them to your blog and YouTube, if you are present there. Doing so, will increase your subscribers and watch time on YouTube, and enhance traffic and authority of your blog. Doing so will help you earn more money.

In case, you don’t have your own blog or YouTube channel, then you can offer service of quality traffic to other bloggers and Youtubers. This will generate good amounts of money for you.

Closing Words

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Starting your Instagram business requires very less investment, but it needs your hard work, consistency and time. Choose any of the of the above Instagram business ideas that suits your hobby and ambition, and remember that success does not come overnight. You have to show your dedication in order to develop a successful business on Instagram.

So, these were some Business ideas that students can do on Instagram without any investment. We are sure that you would have loved reading this article.

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FAQs On Instagram Business Ideas For Students On Instagram

What is the best business to start on Instagram for students in 2023?

Some of the best businesses that students can start on Instagram in 2023 are drop servicing, poetry recitation, book summaries and reviews, pet influencing, freelancing, social media manager, business consultation etc.

Which services should I sell on Instagram?

You can sell a number of services on Instagram either directly or through drop servicing. The services can be content curation, graphic designing, code writing, page building, video editing and app development.

What are 10 business ideas for students on Instagram?

The top ten business ideas for students on Instagram are drop shipping, drop servicing, free lancing, poetry recitation, reselling, pet influencer business, business consultation service, social media management, online academic support and tutoring etc.

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