How to start Custom printing business in India, T Shirt Printing, Mug Printing

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We are living in an era of fashion and creativity. Who does not love to have customized items at their homes. All of us love to gift the personalized gifts to our nears and dears, and gifting industry is a billion dollar industry.

Earlier, product personalization was something unheard of, but with the advent of technology, it has become a new talk of town. Product personalization in terms of “printing on your choice” is attracting a huge number of customers, and it can be turned into a very valuable and profitable business.

If you have a knack of creativity, then you can start tiles, cushions and plate printing business in India in 2023. Given below is a detailed guide on how you can start a business of printing tiles, cushions and plates in India.

Why to start tiles, cushions, plates and T shirt printing business?

You might ask why we should start tiles, cushions and plate printing business? if it is so, then the following points will be enough to motivate you jump into this business without any delay;

  1. Everyone loves personalised items. It helps them own the fashion of their own choice.
  2. Personalised items are used best for gifting purposes. And gifting industry is an evergreen business.
  3. You will enjoy doing it, as it is very creative in nature.
  4. It is very easy to start tiles, cushion and plates printing business. It does not require much investment and skills.
  5. It can be started as a side business. You can do it in your spare time also.
  6. It does not require much space. It can be started from a very small space in an off location also.
  7. You can even set up an online store in this business, where you will get online orders and then execute them to have a pan India reach.

Before you set out to start your own tiles, cushions and plates printing business, check the following important factors, that will give you a sneak peak into this business.

Machinery Required For Printing Business

If you have decided to start your custom printing business, then you will have to buy the following machinery;

  1. Sublimation Printer: It is used to print your design on the sublimation paper. This machine costs you around Rs 30000.
  2. 5 in 1 printing machine: This machine allows you to print your designs on 5 different things, which include tiles, cushions, plates, cups and T shirts. This machine costs around 10000 Rs to 15000 Rs.

How 5 in 1 printing machine works.

The 5 in 1 heat printing machine works as;

  1. Select any design on your computer.

  2. Take a Print Out of this design on Sublimation Paper with Sublimation Ink on Ink Jet Printer.

  3. Place this print out on item on which you want to imprint your design.

  4. Put this item in the machine at the designated location, for specified time.

  5. Now remove the product, and your item will be ready.

Raw Materials Required

The raw materials that you will require for starting your printing business are given below:

Raw MaterialCost (Rs)
Sublimation Paper250 for 20 pieces
Plain Tiles, plain cushions and plain plates and Plain T Shirtsdepends upon the quantity purchased
Teflon Sheet300 per kg

Total Investment

As you can see, from above the total investment in T shirt, tiles, cushions and plates printing business is just around 60000 Rs. If you don’t have this much of capital with you, you can approach any bank to get this amount as loan. You will be able to repay your loan very easily, as this business is very profitable.

Profit in Custom Printing Business of tiles, cushions and plates

Even though the printing business does not require any heavy initial investment, but it can generate good revenue. A successful printing business will be able to generate a profit of 30 – 40 thousand rupees every month.

You can imagine the profit, when you get a plain 12″ by 12″ cushion for Rs 150 and then sell its printed version for more than a thousand rupees.

If you realize that the demand for these customised products is exceeding your expectations, then you will have to upgrade to the heavy machinery for around 2.5 Lakh rupees. But such a demand can get you lakhs in profits per month also.

Marketing for Printing Business

In order to do marketing in this Custom printing business, you can adopt the following strategies;

  • Raise hoardings asking people to get their goods printed.
  • Run an ad campaign on social media to showcase your products to the world.
  • Make an instagram page to let the world know about your products.
  • Open a shop, where you will keep your products on display and where you will provide your printing services.
  • Start an online store, and get it promoted through an ad campaign.

Once, people get satisfied with your services, your business will also start growing through word of mouth.

Packaging For printed Goods.

The packaging will depend upon the type of the printed item. While packing the printed items, you should bear the following items in mind;

  1. Assess your item’s requirements and choose the right packing materials
  2. Don’t forget to attach your business name and address to the packed items.
  3. Make packing beautiful and attractive, especially if it is to be delivered by you.
  4. Use proper filling and cushioning material like bubble wrap.
  5. Always drop some sweet message along with the printed item to develop a cordial relation with your customer.

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Location for Custom printing business

The machinery used in printing business of tiles, cushions and plates is very small and requires a space of just 25 square feet. But in order to store your printed items, you will require a space of around 100 square feet. While choosing the location for your business, take care of the following;

  1. If you are focusing on either offline or hybrid mode (offline+online), then your set up should be located in a town.
  2. If you are focussing on the online mode only, then you can establish your business in a rural location also.
  3. The location should have access to electricity.
  4. The location for tiles, cushions and plates printing business should be easily accessible to ensure hassle free movement of materials.

Registration Details

If you are planning to run an offline shop only, then you will have to get a license from the concerned municipal authorities.

However, if you are planning to set up an online store also, then you will have to do a GST registration also.

In case, you want to take advantage of various government schemes, you need to get “Aadhar for Business” by registering with Udhyog Aadhar. Doing so will help you in getting “stamp duties and registration fees waived” and “concessional electricity bills” apart from other benefits.


Is tiles, cushions, plates and T shirt printing business profitable?

Yes, the tiles, cushions, plates and T shirt printing business is very profitable. For an investment of around 60000 Rs, you will be able to generate a profit of more than 30000 Rs per month.

Which equipments are required for running a tiles, cushions, plates and T shirt printing business?

In order to run the customized printing business, you will require a sublimation printer and a 5 in 1 printing machine.

Is T shirt printing a good business idea?

Yes, T shirt printing business ideas is a good business idea. It requires very small investment and space, and at the same time is very profitable in nature.

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